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Safety Features of SUVs

Recent studies have provided information on the safety that sports utility vehicles (SUVs) provide. The chances of SUVs getting into a rollover accident have been significantly reduced through the help of the new wave of technology that effectively prevents any accidents from happening. Today’s SUVs have active and passive safety features that ensure occupants inside the vehicle are protected and even prevent an accident even before it can occur.

Rollover accidents occur during high speeds on sudden turns or swerves while driving. Stability has always been a factor for SUV’s and speed and sudden change in directions can make the vehicle unstable and difficult to maneuver. This has lead to a great number of rollover accidents (the worst type of accident) and resulted in thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

The mandatory requirement made by the Federal government for car manufacturers to include the electronic stability control has greatly helps in lowering the cases of accidents (especially rollover accidents for SUVs) as this safety feature help in automatically triggering the vehicle’s brakes and intervenes with the throttle during wheel slippage. These features help with the stability of the SUV, making it easier to control and thus lower then chances of accidents or fatal crashes. However, the utility of these numerous safety features can be undone by most automotive defects.

Other safety features added to the SUV models are anti-lock brakes that would allow you to drive the vehicle while being under full braking power and the independent suspension that permits each of the four wheels to react individually to uneven road conditions. However, these safety features will not be enough if the driver himself drives the vehicle in a reckless or negligent manner. The advancement of safety features in SUVs have made it still one of the best selling vehicles in the United States, and is still growing in popularity around the world. SUV safety features have made the roads safer not only for them but for other cars on the roads as well. In addition to that, extra safety features can also turn into savings on car insurance. Be on the lookout for these kinds things, since having them is almost like getting paid to be more safe.

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