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Keeping Children Safe from Dangerous Toys and Products

It’s difficult to account for the materials that are in the toys and products used by our children. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is safe from any harmful substance that can cause serious harm and injury. Thankfully, there are specific government regulations that help keep such accidents from happening.

In the last year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued about 17 million recalls involving products intended for children. These products, which include cribs, baby carriers, clothing, toys, play sets, and stationary activity centers, have been pulled out from the market following stricter safety standards imposed by Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

This improvement in policy and implementation came as a result of a tragic incident involving the death of a 16-month old baby named Daniel Keysar in 1998. Baby Danny was strangled and suffocated when his Playskool Travel-Lite crib collapsed on him. His parents soon found out that the crib has been recalled 5 years before the devastating accident. Despite this recall, they learned that the defects in the crib have caused the death of several other infants. While certain policies were in place to make sure products in the market were safe, it became clear that implementation of such policies weren’t up to par.

Through the non-profit organization they founded called Kids in Danger, Danny Keysar’s parents were able to rally for stricter policies and implementation in products intended for children. About a decade after their son’s death, the U.S. Congress passed the bill that establishes better regulations with regards to product safety.

The bill, nicknamed ‘Danny’s Law’, aims to tighten regulations in safety standards and ensure that manufacturers are complying with each requirement. Among the new policies enacted through Danny’s Law is the issuance of a registration card for products purchased after June 2010. The objective of the card is to help manufacturers contact their customers in case a product needs to be recalled. This supplements announcements made by the CPSC, helping to ensure that information is readily available to the public.

Tennessee personal injury attorneys may inform you that cases of product liability can cause a lot of harm. The risks are even greater when the products in question are intended for the use of children. Thankfully, government regulations have become a lot stricter in recent years. Hopefully, these improvements continue on in the future.

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