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Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Accidents happen all the time. Some of them are relatively more harmless than others. For example, it’s an unfortunate accident to accidentally step on excrement on the street, yes, but it is incomparably more unfortunate to break a leg or crack your skull due to a very bad fall. Some of these incidents can actually warrant legal action and these are usually called personal injury cases.

Ask any professional, experienced San Antonio personal injury attorney—personal injury cases can happen at any time, any place, and to anyone. Did you know that these next few scenarios can actually be constituted as personal injury cases?

Automobile accidents are probably the most common kind of personal injury case. While these usually happen while on the road, it is not completely unheard for these situations to happen while the car is stationary. You could be waiting to pick someone up and another car crashes into you and causes injury to both yourself and to your vehicle—that is a case of personal injury as harm came to your person due to the careless or negligent actions of someone else.

One of the other most common personal injury cases are situations wherein owners of either public or privately owned facilities must be made liable for the injuries sustained due to negligent ownership of the premises. This is also called premises liability. Something as simple as an unmarked wet floor could cause a “slip and fall” incident so damaging and severe that it makes the victim a quadriplegic in the blink of an eye.

Another kind of personal injury case that is often overlooked is that of medical malpractice. If the medical practitioner who is meant to be helping you cure your illness has shown negligence or has performed not in accordance to the expected necessary standard of care for professionals in this field, then that must be corrected and them, held accountable for their negligent or careless actions.

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