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Common Causes of School Bus Accidents

School bus drivers and their employers have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers, especially that their passengers are children who are vulnerable to injuries. Still, school bus accidents occur, and there are a lot of reasons why. Below is the list of the most common causes of school bus accidents. By knowing the most common causes, you are one step forward into their complete prevention.

Distracted Driving

It is common knowledge that having distractions while driving is not a good idea. Anything that puts the driver’s hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, and mind off the act of driving, can be considered a distraction. This includes mobile phones, food and beverages, and utter inattention. But there are instances where focused school bus drivers are distracted, mainly because of their active children passengers who are intentionally causing distractions.

Driver Fatigue

Being tired is not the ideal condition for driving, as it makes drivers more prone to errors. Tired drivers will have the tendency to have limited body coordination, making them more susceptible to errors that involve the steering wheel, gear shift, and pedals. Tired drivers will also have limited comprehension skills, putting them at risk of not understanding traffic signs, following traffic rules, and effectively judging the position of other motorists. These things put them more at risk of traffic collisions.

Faulty Equipment

Sometimes, school bus accidents occur not because of the driver’s fault. School bus accidents can happen because of auto defects, such as those that involve the brake systems and tires. School buses should be properly maintained to ensure that they are in top condition and limit malfunctions. This may warrant the help of legal professionals who specialize on the matter, such as the Houston school bus accident lawyers at the Mokaram Law Firm.

Dangerous Conditions

Another factor that may cause school bus accidents is the condition of the weather and the road. The most common weather conditions that may trigger accidents include rain, wind, and fog. These conditions may affect the visibility of the area and the traction on the road itself. Road conditions, such as sharp curves, and road defects, such as potholes, debris, and malfunctioning traffic lights, can also cause traffic accidents.

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