Car Accidents: Results of Recklessness and Negligence

Every time a car accident occurs, the one who is always at the losing end is the injured individual who, it is presumed, has driven carefully, has observed traffic safety rules and was simply a victim of someone else’s recklessness or negligence.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has listed drunken driving, reckless driving, driving over the speed limit, driver error and distracted driving (which includes use of cell phone while behind the wheel) as the top driver-controlled causes of car accidents. It follows, of course, that there are also contributory factors that fall outside of drivers’ control, namely, car or car part defects and road/highway defects.

Car accidents are, more often than not, results of negligent or reckless acts, whether these fall within or outside of the driver’s control, making these totally preventable. And where accidents due to recklessness or negligence are the concern, the persons victims should get in touch with immediately are personal injury attorneys.

A Louisville personal injury attorney knows fully well how widespread car accidents are and how overwhelming their effects can be. More than 5 million accidents on US roads and highways are recorded by the NHTSA every year, with almost half the number causing injuries and more than 35,000 resulting to death.

Injuries and death are not the only effects of car accidents, though, for besides these, there are also the trauma, which can have a lasting effect on the victim, the necessity to undergo medical treatment, which can be very costly, and, if the victim is employed, then his/her loss of capacity to earn due to days of inability to perform work.

Despite the fact that the effects of an accident can no longer be reversed, the law recognizes the plight of victims and, if liability can be proven to be someone else’s, then victims may be entitled to seek and receive compensation. Thus, it is very important that the attorney a victim hires is one whose knowledge and experience on personal injury lawsuits surpass the others, for a mediocre legal counsel may only cause the victim to lose the compensation that he/she is actually legally allowed to seek and receive.

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