Types of injuries people may sustain from unsafe premises

For some people, it is common for them to visit other people’s house. Guests or invitees of such properties, however, should note that its owners are responsible for keeping them safe at all times while inside the property, according to the website of the Abel Law Firm. Visitors, and in some circumstances, trespassers may file legal claims when they sustain injuries inside a property of another person.

Serious or fatal injuries are likely to happen when property owners become negligent in keeping their property safe for other people. Guests may likely suffer slip and fall injuries inside other people’s house when the owner fail to address floor contaminants like water, fluid or oil. From broken staircases, broken floors, and poorly-designed structures, people are at high risk of sustaining serious head and broken bone injuries. In some situations, a person who has been a victim of assault or any acts of violence may file a claim against the property owner if the property does not have sufficient security personnel that may possibly prevent unfortunate situations. Apartment complex is required to have employees who will ensure safety for people inside the premises. Individuals especially younger children are at risk of sustaining water-related injuries like drowning when property owners fail to put warning signs and barriers around swimming pools.

Parents whose children went to someone else property even without permission from the owner may possibly file for premises liability claim when the child sustained injuries while inside the property. Such persons who have decided to file a premises liability claim after sustaining injuries from a likely hazardous property should initially determine if the property owner’s negligence resulted in injuries. Victims of unsafe premises should consider filing a claim mostly if their injuries are serious enough to require extensive hospitalizations or have resulted in permanent disability.

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